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What people are saying about BESTCOLLEGEPLANNER.COM:

"We are clearly much more confident in our strategies for meeting college costs after meeting with College Planning, LLC. My daughter Allison and I were seen quickly and received easy to understand recommendations on better ways to meet the challenge of paying for 4 years of university expenses. The follow up written report was an added bonus."
-- Hobart N.

"Steve, This is to confirm Allison received a generous grant from GWU of approximately $19,800 (per year in gauranteed merit aid). I want to thank you for your excellent guidance in college planning. Your consultation meeting with me and Allison and follow up material helped to keep us focused. Her application to a higher than average number of colleges including a mix of public and private one's really paid off. (Thanks to your advice,) Applying to colleges which are in competition with each other may have also made a big difference. In any event, we appreciate your financial guidance.

-- Best Regards, Bart (Hobart N.)

“You have inspired and rejuvenated this organization. Because of you we will be able to share the art of Choreography with many communities this year. More children will learn about dance."

-- Karen Krolak, Monkeyhouse Director

“By consulting with College Planners, LLC, I have been able to provide a significant amount of my newborn grandson's future college expenses with meaningful tax advantages to me. Now we have not only the joy of grandparenthood, but also the satisfaction of knowing that to a great degree, the financing of our grandchild's future education is assured.”

-- Margaret W.