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Financial aid information

Do You Qualify For Financial Aid?
Financial Aid Night (24/7 Virtual Seminar)

College Funding Q&A (Discussion Board)
Do you have a question about financial aid in which you need a quick, expert answer? Time is money and the ability to have expert advice and support at your fingertips is invaluable. This exclusive discussion board is moderated by college financial aid experts and allows members to ask questions related to the subject of financial aid. Each question will be archived and categorized for future reference, so that all members can take advantage of previous discussions.

Access to both the academic and financial aid discussion boards alone is more than worth the cost of membership.

Merit Scholarship Money Offered By Colleges
This unique database of collegiate scholarships is organized in alphabetical order by state and name of college. It lists each school’s various grants, scholarships, and awards based on academic merit or talent. The merit awards of over 1,300 colleges are at your fingertips. They are listed by:
  • Name of school
  • Award program
  • Number of awards
  • Dollar value range
  • Award criteria used
  • Grade point average
  • ACT test score
  • SAT test score
In many cases colleges use these special awards as an incentive to recruit the student. However, the family may not be aware of these awards until they send for a particular school’s brochure. This database offers students the ability to research these little-known merit awards, which can dramatically reduce tuition costs at colleges they may never have considered.

Free Private Scholarship Search
There are numerous scholarship search services in the market that charge families very hefty fees, just to search for private scholarship funds. In reality, only 1% of all financial aid is available through outside, private sources. However, the Select Educational Benefits Program does recognize the need for families to research all available resources for possible educational funding. To address this private scholarship issue, we have provided members with a direct access to Scholarship Resource Network Express, one of the more popular FREE private scholarship databases available today.

College Funding E-Books
This section includes nine (9) very informative e-books on various topics in the college funding area. A knowledgeable professional should handle the implementation of any college-funding strategies, however if the client wants to take the time and energy to “do-it-themselves”, many strategies are available here within these e-books.
  • Tuition Rx – The Top Ten College Funding Strategies
  • College Strategies For Executives And Small Business Owners
  • 153 Costs Cutting Strategies
  • Other Money Savings Ideas
  • Education Tax Strategies
  • Creative Borrowing Strategies
  • Navigating The Financial Aid System
  • Understanding The FAFSA
  • FREE Tuition (KY Residents Only)

College Funding Case Studies
The Tuition Rx program provides families with simple case studies based on the family’s range of income and assets, in order to demonstrate the affordability of both public universities and private colleges. These case studies are categorized in two sections:

1. Saving for College Strategies - for families with younger children
2. Paying for College Strategies – for families with high school children

However, please note that there are many additional strategies that can be implemented to further reduce the net cost of college.

Paying For College Case Studies:

Family: Low Income College: Public
Family: Low Income College: Private
Family: Middle Income College: Public
Family: Middle Income College: Private
Family: High Income College: Public
Family: High Income College: Private
Grandparent College: Private
Saving For College Case Studies:
Family: Small Business Income College: Public/Private
Family: Farm Income College: Public/Private
Grandparent Private Elementary/High School
Grandparent College: Private

Financial aid information

Do You Qualify For Financial Aid?
Would you like to know if your family qualifies for financial aid? Many families just assume they don’t qualify and therefore, do not bother to complete the financial aid application forms. This could be a HUGE mistake! The Tuition Rx Program provides the member with a simple database, which categorizes income and assets to give you a quick snapshot of the student’s eligibility for financial aid. Find out where your family stands, fast!

FAFSA on the WEB (Department of Education Link)

This is a direct link to the U.S. Department of Education’s online FAFSA form. The FAFSA can be completed by the family and sent online for immediate confirmation and an approved Federal Student Aid Report sent back to the family within 72 hours.

College Loan Program
This is an online pre-application for student and parent loans. These are pre-approved by various banks and student loan organizations based on the state in which the family resides.

Financial Aid Night (24/7 Virtual Seminar)
Every year the local high school has a presentation for college-bound families called Financial Aid Night. A local college financial aid officer speaks about the financial aid system, application forms, and the various grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study that is available. The presentation may also include a bank representative who discusses their education loans and interest rates.

While some families do attend Financial Aid Night, many do not attend, due to the following three reasons:
  • They presume they earn too much money to qualify for financial aid
  • They are a bit too embarrassed to attend
  • They are unable to schedule the time
To accommodate these families, we have incorporated a “virtual” Financial Aid Night seminar into the website. Members can access this full-blown PowerPoint presentation (with audio) from the comfort of their own homes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The virtual presentation demonstrates much of the same information the college financial aid officer and bank representative would discuss.